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This is a blog dedicated to fapping and the appreciation of furry art (nsfw / 18+ years of age required). Herein you will find anthropomorphic animals of the male variety in tasteful pin-ups.. or gettin' it on. No art posted is that of my own and I will happily respect take-down requests. I also attempt to tag each post with the artist responsible for the image. Please help keep my tags up to date and accurate by reporting errors and sources where there are none!

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Anonymous asked: how do you feel about furry superheros/supervillains? Hot or not fantasy aspect? Which furry alter ego of a popular hero/villain do you think would be awesome? (i.e. a lion superman)


Well… I’m not big on superheros to begin with.  I kind of let the big comic-based blockbusters pass me by without a second glance most of the time.  But I guess I’ve always found Spiderman’s shapely outfit to be hot on it’s own, as well as batman’s get-up.  I guess I would take a lion superman, too!  But otherwise, it’s not something I really think about or can relate to much.

Oh, but I may have a thing for rocket raccoon in this upcoming “Guardians of the Universe” film.  Especially after this omg.


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